We have Music and Dance Shows

from the early 1900s up to the 1960s.

Tahja's “Roaring 1920s” Show


It's time for a Great Gatsby theme party!  

Gals, get out your flapper dress with lots of fringe, and Fellows, don your zoot suit! 

Experience our exhuberant music and dance show from the era of Big Bands and Dixieland guaranteed to make your “Roaring 20s” party a raging success! 


The Roaring 1920s was an time of fun, frivolity and exuberance after the Victorian era and World War I. Everyone was so ready to celebrate, learn new dance steps, and go out to the cabarets!

Imagine yourself in a Speakeasy during the time of prohibition. The controversial Jazz music of the era inspires wild and lascivious dances such as the Charleston, as people dance with a freedom never before experienced. 

Our stimulating “Roaring 1920s” show, choreographed, designed and performed by Tahja,  creates the perfect “heady” atmosphere of the Speakeasy and the Jazz era.

Tahja's who is a talented singer, dancer, and entertainer will keep your party energized, engaging and exciting! 


Our rousing entertainment for your “Roaring 1920s” theme party includes: 

  • A full evening of fabulous lively music, song and dance which will transport your guests to the era and put them in a carefree mood.

  • Non-stop music provided, even during intermissions. Our well chosen songs really make you want to dance!

  • Specialty acts with dynamic and fun audience participation

  • What you won't need:  Our acts are self contained, so you won't need the additional expense of a DJ or lighting.  

  • We provide music and entertainment for the entire event.

Based in Sarasota Florida, we are available to perform at events worldwide.

We provide shows of all sizes: staring the tantalyzing Tahja who entertains with electrifying music, rousing dancing, and hillarious audience participation along with her illustrious emcee! 


You have the option to add:

  • Additional dancers: our fabulous flapper style dancers are always the life and soul of any 1920’s themed eventwith their high impact swing dances and of course the fast and furious iconic Charleston!Our performers are also happy to welcome your guests with a “meet and greet”, pose for photographs, andfreestyle dance with audience members.

  • Talented musicians

  • A fabulous LIVE Big Band

  • Cigarette girls: cigarette holders were quintessential fashion of the “Flappers”. Our costumedcigarette girls lend an air of tradition and elegance as they walk around offering cigars, candy cigarettes, even party favors. 

All performers are dressed in the attire of the era, in the very finest fringe, sequins, and feathers! 


Great entertainment for Private Parties, Country Clubs, Fund Raisers, and Casino or Viva Las Vegas themed Parties 

We also have shows featuring music and dance from the 1920s to the 1960s.


Tahja's *heady “Roaring 1920s” show is not to be missed!

*Heady= potent, intoxicating, exhilarating, exciting, thrilling, stimulating, invigorating, electrifying, rousing,