About Tahja

  • Entertainer
  • Dancer
  • Singer in forty languages
  • Musician of seven instruments
  • Choreographer
  • Teacher of cultural dance & music arts
  • Actress
  • Producer of ethnic programs
  • Linguist of ten languages

Tahja is regarded as one of the most accomplished Middle Eastern dancers in the world today, having entertained tens of thousands with her magical and memorable performances before Senators and Kings, as well as for numerous international organizations.

Tahja as an entertainer

Tahja’s passion for performance is a combination of her father's love for travel and culture, with her mother's love of music, dance and language.  Although no one in the family had a background in show business, Tahja declared to her 2nd grade teacher that she wanted to be an international entertainer.  

Tahja's show business career started  with puppetry and magic shows at the age of eight.   This expanded to belly dance  when she was twelve.  At fifteen she was already gaining wide popularity as a gifted and professional Middle Eastern dance performer, and soon after started to study the dances of Polynesia and Flamenco.  This led to her study of world music and language.  

Tahja has an unquenchable curiosity for the world’s cultural richness, and her passion for performance of world music and dance has taken her around the world performing and teaching.   Because of her fascination of not only the dance, but also the music, culture, and language, Tahja is known for her deep understanding of the cultures she is interpreting.

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Rarely in the realm of the arts can one performer assimilate and successfully interpret influences from so many diverse cultures as to truly be called “universal”.   Tahja is one of those rare artists.   An accomplished linguist of ten languages, vocalist of forty, and musician of six instruments, Tahja is truly a cultural ambassador.
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Whether in music, acting, song, or dance, in Tahja’s performances there is a mysterious magic that transports audiences to distant lands in an enchanting journey.   Her natural skills and vivaciousness have captivated and inspired audiences around the world.