Tahja's belly dance classes are taught in a very supportive environment.   Discover the extraordinary dancer in YOU!


Tahja’s Summer Belly Dance Classes will be taught by her assistant and dance company member of 20 years: Megan. You won’t want to miss a class with this beautiful and talented dancer!

Bradenton Belly Dance Classes:

Wednesday mornings, 10am-11am at The Bradenton Dream Center 1816 9th St W Bradenton FL 34205

(formerly called the Renaissance on 9th)


Originally a class for Cancer Survivors, their caretakers, or those with a family member afflicted by this dreadful disease; we have expanded inclusion to EVERYONE.

As this dance builds community and support, besides being a wonderful form of self expression and gentle exercise, we welcome you to come discover the beautiful dancer in YOU!

This class is supported by Donation only. Suggested donation $10-$20 as you can afford. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Sarasota Belly Dance Classes:

Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm at

Art Avenue in the Westfield Siesta Key Mall in Sarasota FL.

The tradition of 40 years of Wednesday Night classes continues!


The Mall is located on the southeast corner of Siesta Drive and US 41.  Enter the mall entrance closest to Cine Bistro, walk to your left, and you will find two Art Avenue galleries facing each other.   We are in the large gallery on the right.

Ideal for the serious student of the ancient art of belly dance. Classes will be on a “drop in” basis, $20 payable at each class.

*Must be pre-registered

To register, simply call (941) 349-3494,  text (941) 284-6996, or  email: tahja@tahja.com to let us know you plan to attend. Thank you.

Why belly dance?

The BEST reason to dance is not because it’s incredible for the body, creates grace, poise, flexibility among hundreds of other benefits, the BEST REASON TO DANCE is that it is SO FUN!!!

“Take a Chance and Belly Dance!”

“Take a Chance and Belly Dance!”

Belly Dance Certification Course Fall/ Winter schedule:

Check back soon for details!

Every one can Belly Dance!

All it takes is a decision!


Create your own group for belly dance classes or take a Private Lesson at a time that works for you!

To view our Belly Dance Shows page, click here

Belly Dance Gift Certificates, Coin Belts, and Costumes available for purchase. Contact Tahja for details

(941) 349-3494 or (941) 284-6996

Learn the ancient magical art of Belly Dancing in Sarasota with Tahja!

Learn the ancient magical art of Belly Dancing in Sarasota with Tahja!

What Tahja's students are saying:

Annie at Miss Chinese America contest in NY

Annie at Miss Chinese America contest in NY

"Hello Tahja! I just wanted to send you some good news. The talent show was last Friday night and I made top 5! Honesty, I didn't think I would even make top 8 because I'm competing against girls that've been dancing their whole entire life. One of the girls, her talent is even her career. I was so shocked that I made it. Well that just means they loved the dance you taught me! Thanks Tahja!!!!!" Annie




"If you have been thinking about it, you need to do it…..join Tahja’s Belly Dance Class! It’s fabulous & fun. I came to the class with a love for dance & wanted to do something enjoyable for myself, but had never Belly Danced before. I was in a middle age slump & my self confidence was low. Tahja turned me around, got me back into dancing shape & I feel great. I look forward to class each week, seeing my dance friends & performing at special events."

Jeannie the Magic Jeannie

Jeannie the Magic Jeannie

“The Tahja Technique of Middle Eastern Dance” is considered one of the most comprehensive curriculum available in the world today for the serious student of Middle Eastern dance arts.

The “Tahja Technique” is a source for the truly serious artist. It is movement, culture, and musical understanding, integrated with the spiritual essence of the dance. Unveil your authentic self through Middle Eastern dance.

Whether you want to learn basic Middle Eastern dance moves for fun & fitness, or you are a more serious and experienced dancer who wants to become more refined in your art, you will find it all taking classes with Tahja, a Master teacher with 40 years experience! 

Dedicated to bringing out more than you ever thought you would be!   All levels are welcome!

Benefits of Belly Dance:

  • Get in shape while having fun and learning something new!

  • A wonderful way to meet new friends

  • A confidence booster. You can improve yourself no matter what your age or physical condition.

  • Unleash the feminine, become subtly sexy

  • You’ll become more graceful and coordinated

  • Concentration and balance is greatly improved

  • Good for the heart! Improves circulation.

  • Improves posture.

  • Helps with fitness: tones and firms muscles so your body looks and feels trimmer

  • Sculpts the body. These ancient moves are designed to create a shapely, strong, curvaceous and sensual body

  • Helps to achieve and maintain your ideal weight in a way that dieting alone can’t

  • A great complexion enhancer. Your overall appearance will improve as you radiate more energy

  • A good way to develop quicker reflexes

  • Decreases your appetite by secreting endorphins to the brain

  • Great for combating fatigue by increasing your energy

  • A super way to get rid of stress

  • A stimulator in the digestion system

  • Counters the feeling of being stiff or rigid, as this is a wonderful way to get into the “flow” and improve flexibility.

  • You learn to use your body in a natural fluid way as opposed to repetitive or jumping motions that are less natural and can be hard on the joints.

  • It’s loads of fun!

  • Renew your mid-section. Have a new relationship with your belly!

  • It’s a wonderful outlet for creativity and expression

  • A good way to unwind and relax

  • Excellent for self awareness (learn to move parts you never thought would even move!)

  • Feel more sensuous and alive

  • Learn about other cultures and better understand their music and traditions

  • You’ll meet many warm and friendly people

  • It’s good for the mind to learn something new! Challenge yourself!

  • It is endorsed by many doctors as a healing modality

  • You’ll learn to gain control and awareness of your body movement.

  • It is one of the healthiest forms of exercise for all ages (Tahja has had students with ages from 5 to 95 in her classes!)

  • Connect your mind/ body/ dancing spirit

  • Inspire your passionate self. 

  • You might even want to perform!

  • There is no good reason not to dance!

When we Dance we are Happy, and when we are Happy, we Dance!

Belly Dance is for Everyone!

Belly Dance is for Everyone!

Call Tahja to start your life as a Belly Dancer!

(941) 349-3494 or (941) 284-6996