I am happy to announce that my company, International Productions, which provides cultural entertainment of dance and music,  has been asked to organize a Global Village as part of a of a very large and unique festival called The Heart of Sarasota Music Festival.  This will happen at the  Sarasota Fairgrounds (behind Robarts Arena) on Fruitville Road the weekend of October 25, 26 & 27 2019.  

The music festival is bringing in many big name 80’s music band acts, and the festival as a whole is designed to include the many diverse aspects of our beautiful community, while raising funds for 20 local charities.    

The Global Village, (which is one section of many, as the festival is designed to appeal to all walks of life), will represent Sarasota’s cultural and international diversity by exposing the community to ethnic foods, crafts, fashion, and entertainment of international dance and music. Ideally I would like representation from each ethnic group residing in Sarasota.

It takes many villagers to make a Global Village. If you or you know someone who is a licensed vendor of ethnic foods, sells ethnic crafts, people who would like to demonstrate their ethnic folklore and traditions, ethnic entertainers who would like to be considered, or you would like to be on the Global Village committee, please contact me by email tahja@tahja.com, or cell phone (you can also text) is (941) 284-6996.   

For vendors and craft makers, the festival offers vending spaces and banners at very reasonable prices, and there is also sponsorship opportunities.   See vendor applications below.

Please help me to spread the word.  Feel free to forward this message to whomever you think would be interested in participating, and let me know of your interest in supporting this unique cultural and educational experience in our community of Sarasota.

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