If you are looking for fun and exceptional German Entertainment for Oktoberfest, you need:   Tahja's Gemütlichkeit German Show

Gemütlichkeit:  A state of coziness and intimacy; a an unhurried pace to counter the frenetic speed of modern life.

International entertainer Tahja, known for her varied unique cultural talents and vivacious stage personality, will captivate your audience with German songs, folkloric dances, music, comedy and culture, all creatively weaved into an exciting interactive transport to Oktoberfest

  • Entertainment duration: one to four hours with non stop music. We entertain for cocktail hour, dinner, perform a dance and music show with audience participation, and even provide after the show German dance music for your guests!

  • The multi-lingual and multi-talented Tahja exuberantly sings in German as well as plays the guitar, accordion, and with her partner performs authentic folkloric dances.

  • Her partner emcees, interact with the crowd, dances, and assists with audience participation.

  • The show is creatively augmented with history of the songs & dances, as well interesting historical, geographical, and relevant social commentaries of German life.

  • Comedy, laughter, fun and light-heartedness is an important aspect of our entertainment.

  • Your guests will be invited to participate as we teach them some of the fun-loving regional dances of Germany, Austria & Switzerland. 

  • We are dressed in authentic colorful Bavarian style German costumes

  • We use a “State of the art” Bose sound system which creates a clear and evenly balanced sound throughout the performance area.


For the most exciting German Entertainment in Florida,   call: International Productions by Tahja (941) 349-3494  or email: tahja@tahja.com

Our German shows are very popular and available only in the Fall for Oktoberfests, so please reserve early to ensure availability.

We bring the world to you with quality entertainment!”

These fascinating dances, songs and music of our fun filled German Dance Show will transport you magically to a bier garden in the midst of Oktoberfest, swaying in your seats with Bierstein in hand!

Our lively dancers will perform for you such classics as The Schuplattler’s Dance, Spinradl, Schottisch, Luzerner Deutcher, Kreuz Koenig, and many other traditional dances from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in authentic Bavarian costumes.   We also include lots of audience participation!

We are based in Sarasota Florida but will perform German dance shows anywhere from Tampa to Naples.