Features a wide variety of music and song from over thirty countries of Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Our music stirs the soul and inspires the wanderlust in any would-be gypsy. You may add our beautiful belly dances of Ya Salaam or folk dancers for an unforgettable evening of the most unique dance and musical ensemble anywhere!


“Ya Salaam is not just a band… it’s an experience!”

The name Ya Salaam translates as either “Peace Now” or “Oh, Wow!”

It is a unique ensemble, featuring music sung in over thirty languages, from Europe, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean basin, and the Middle East.


Ya Salaam performs traditional songs, some dating back to the 1500s, without cross-fusion or electronic enhancements.   They believe that pure music and dance is important to not only pass down the history and traditions of cultures, but also to keep society together and happy.

In the Middle East, dance is always performed to a live band.   There is an organic synergy of live music and dance that is spontaneous and intensely up-lifting.  YaSalaam re-creates this feeling for dancers and audiences every where they perform.

The band  features Tahja on guitar, oud, and vocals, Juan de la Sierra on guitar, ney (Middle Eastern flute) and vocals, Jeff Lloyd on traditional percussion, Takvor Evrikoz from Armenia as vocalist, Boris Tsatskin from the Ukraine on base and saxophone, and Mark Clemmons from Switzerland on trumpet.  They are often joined by other talented international music artists.

Ya Salaam can also include live dance with their musical performances.

With beautiful live music and dance, exquisite costumes, and amazing energy and talent, Ya Salaam musicians and dancers  bring a unique entertainment experience to enchanted audiences.

Locally YaSalaam has held International Nights, Peace concerts, and “Haflas” drawing large crowds and creating celebrations that are long remembered.

To experience Ya Salaam, contact International Productions at Tahja@Tahja.com or call 941 349-3494