Oriental Fantasy Show 

Dragons, Butterflies, Kimonos and Geishas

We provide Oriental party entertainment that is both beautiful and exciting for Chinese New Year or any Asian themed event.

Some of the dances our Asian shows can include:

  • Korean  Fan Dance

  • Chinese Ribbon Dance

  • Thai Candle dance

  • Japanese butterfly dance

  • Samurai warrior dance to Shinto, Japanese Goddess of the Sun

  • Umbrella dance

  • Korean drumming

  • Korean Fan Dance with Flutes

  • Stick Dance

  • Mime dance w/audience participation

  • T’ai Chi dance

  • Glass dance

  • Most all of our shows can include audience participation.

We  also can provide:

  • an emcee who shares interesting facts of the Orient during costume changes,

  • a Taiko drummer,

  • a Geisha costumed lady,

  • Fire  Dance,

  • Dragon Dance, 

  • and  beautiful Chinese flute music.

    We bring the world to you with quality entertainment!

We are based in Sarasota Florida, but will perform Oriental shows anywhere from Tampa to Naples.