Spanish Flamenco

Spectacular footwork, athleticism, and vibrant energy. Flamenco is at once sensual and spiritual, raw and refined, and filled with both retrained passion and electrifying release.  It is the most powerful language of human emotion depicted through the essence of the body.

Experience Flamenco by Tahja that will leave you breathless!

Tahja’s show: “Flamenco Fire, Spanish Passion” includes:

  • the passionate and fiery "flamenco" dance of Tahja (additional dancers can be added by request)

  • World class live flamenco guitar artistry performed by Dr. Juan De la Sierra and Tahja

  • Spell binding authentic singing

  • Explanations of the dances

  • Beautiful vibrant costumes

  • Sevillanas and other regional folkloric dances

  • Dances with castanets, mantones (shawls), abanico (fan)

  • Audience Participation

You supply the party; We supply the best Flamenco Shows in Sarasota.

We will bring our Flamenco show to Tampa and Naples events.

Ideal for:

  • parties

  • weddings

  • schools and educational events

  • country clubs

  • and festivals

We also teach the art of flamenco

We carry you off to a distant castle for an event you will cherish forever with the fire and passion of authentic Spanish Flamenco dance and music!