International Performing Star Tahja offers

World Music and Dance for your event!

Tahja's varied and exceptional talents of singing in forty languages, playing several instruments, performing dances from diverse cultures, and her engaging stage presence has made her very “in demand” as an international entertainer. 

Tahja offers something for everyone. Her mesmerizing talents can entertain people of any culture. 

For exceptional entertainment, Tahja is perfect for : 

  • international gatherings

  • multi national conventions 

  • parties for dignitaries and diplomats

  • university and educational programs

  • well traveled and culturally refined audiences

  • stage concerts

  • house concerts

  • private parties 

  • country clubs

  • and cultural events

Tahja offers specialized shows to entertain from one to three hours in any of the below mentioned themes.  

She performs each category as a One Woman Show, but you have the option to add additional dancers and/or musicians.  






Middle Eastern


Caribbean/ Latin