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This is what customers say about Tahja and her company International Productions by Tahja:

Tahja, Thanks for a great show. It was outstanding.

Best regards. Steven Busch (Anheiser Busch Foundation)

it was a magical evening. The costumes and performers blew us beautiful! and well done and fun choreography! We loved everything about it..we are so lucky to have you in our area!

Deb Weatherby

Your dance was fabulous! Beautiful women, outstanding costumes, precise and well-executed choreography, super stage presence! The client and I were pleased pleased pleased!

Maureen Patrick, organizer Sun Dome Show, Tampa Florida

International Productions by Tahja performed for the United States Power Squadron at the Hyatt Hotel, downtown Sarasota for our National Conference. The theme was Asian and her performances were mystical, colorful, and creative. Her interaction involving members of the audience was indeed the sign of a true artist performer. We have received many outstanding comments regarding her performance. We most definetly will have TAHJA perform for us in the future .

D/Lt Susan Parrish, AP - USPS - District 22

From a corporate client at the Ritz in Naples:

THANK YOU and your entire team for giving us an extraordinary evening on so many levels- the dancing, the music. It was all wonderful and we really, really loved it and appreciated it. Please tell everyone thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together again and when I grow up(ha) I hope to have your fabulous figure and be able to dance even 1 tenth the way you do!!

Bonnie Cunningham Pricewaterhouse Coopers Meeting and Event Services

Hello, lovely, lovely dancers!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for your fine performance at the JumpRope FISAC/IRSF global competition opening! I have heard not once but twice from the Pres. of USA JumpRope and the President of the FISAC/IRSF: Both are completely over the moon with happiness at the wonderful show, the best they have seen in years and years! Likewise, our agent, Eladio Linarte, is overjoyed at the show and the response it got from client, audience, and tech support staff.

Your dedication and professionalism truly shone from the stage! I cannot fully express my gratitude for all you did. The reception you got from that international assembly of jump rope athletes was, I hope, something that will remain in your memories forever. They will return to their native countries with stories and photos of the terrific American ethnic dance show they saw here in Tampa, and the diversity, joy, and polish of that show will be an inspiration to them as it is a credit to America!

Keep dancing in Peace, Love, and Health!

Maureen Patrick Organizer, Global Competition Opening

Hi Tahja,

I was emailing you to let you know how much everyone enjoyed your show!!!! ALL the feedback and comments I received was wonderful and awesome about both the show and music.

Your whole group was so professional and very talented!! We could not have been more happy and pleased with everything. Thank you and your team for an outstanding job. It was such a pleasure working with you and I really appreciated that.

BTW... We raised $41,000.00 for the Women's Resource Center that night!!! Yeah...... Thanks a million times over.....

Pauldie Howrigan

...such fun... keep spreading the joy and love Tahja, the world needs more people like you... By the way, you've inspired me to follow my passion again...thank you..

Lauri Biern

Your whole heart is really into everything and it shows!

Again you brought so much joy to us all and make us happy! We have to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I wouldn't miss your events for anything!

Heidi Adjami

Opera fundraiser (Moroccan dinner)



I really want to thank you from my heart for all your contribution to this event Tahja you were the star of the evening. My kids and grand kids are still talking about you. a magic woman in so many ways...

Mark Clemann, Ottowa

Hi Tahja,

We want to thank you for your stunning performance at our Moroccan Party. You made it the "party of the century" for our guests!!!

Warmest regards,

Stan and Alma Abshier

Dear Tahja, just to let you know , our " Moroccan -Event " made the Libretto , the opera's quarterly info flyer, very colorful !! Also it was rated as the best of all the these Mini Events and mentioned at the annual meeting . Very nice indeed .


Tahja, you were spectacular last night!!! Children called you the "Butterfly lady"

Adults said, "she was a vision" - Thank you for making the ceremony so wonderful.

Your dancing was awesome and you're sure to be invited back.

Thanks for a great show. You really know how to do it right. A fun night!!

Hafla production:

No puedo dejar de expresar lo feliz que me siento de haber participado en un show de usted,...el programa estuvo exquisito, fue una gran presentacion, llena de diversion y sobre todo mucho profesionalismo.

Mil gracias, fue una gran noche y de seguro que para todos. que Dios la bendiga hoy y siempre.

Gisselle Ubiera.

thank you again Tahja for your great creative all around work from director, producer, dance, music song and more!

Wedding reception:

Thank you too for recommending Tahja. She and her associates were the surprise of the evening... They were” the icing on the cake” Everyone loved their performance, from the minute they walked the bride and the groom, with the perfect Zaffa to the Debka with all the fun of it..

Thank you for making our event “an affair to remember”. and a spectacular one.

Hope to work with you again in the future.

Best regards, Drs. Sana & Adnan Attar

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled everyone was with the show. Your dancers were fabulous. We had so many people come up afterward to compliment us and your program. They were a BIG hit!!

If you ever need a reference, the Caledonian Club would be more than happy to provide one for you.

Barb Cooper

I would like to add that thanks to you all the people who attended are carrying lasting memories in their hearts and minds of a beautiful evening. You made so many people happy; and your creations in the many different aspects of the Performing Arts are received by us all with feeling of excitement, happiness, beauty and love.

Thank you so much.


your technique and ability, your energy and presence and style, and your way of relating to the audience, are all lovely and exceptional, so it's easy for me to recommend you.

Barbara of the Ryhthm Inlet


You did it! "Best ever"...."dancers were fantastic"... "loved the show"...

What a great time--- the show was magnificent. I particularly loved all of the energy shown by the entertainers. I felt as though I was in a swanky night club. Fun! Fun!

Shirley Hermanson

..the band is amazing. The whole group is unreal. Your dancing was inspired...was a real treat to watch you in action. Great experience..I look forward to the next time.

Hi Tahja,

I would like to thank you for a beautiful evening of music, dancing and passion. It was thrilled to see the whole party come to life.

I cannot tell you how great it went. It was my first event on my own, and my decision to hire you worked out so well! Thank you again, and please get me a new brochure! Looking forward to doing business again soon.

It is amazing watching you… the way you dance to every note. The extentions are so beautifully carried to the last beat of the music and you hit every note with such beautiful sharp moves...absolute perfection....I love it..

You truly bring Unity in Diversity, which is a great avenue towards Peace & Harmony in the world !!!

Thank you for sharing your Divine Gifts that promote Joy & Unity !

Love & Light,

Josie Melcher

Once again I wish to express a big hug and thank you for the great production, The feedback was wonderful and still coming. Meanwhile how are you fixed for New Years Eve, Ernie and I want to put on a stage show right at the center of Lemon and Main where we drop the orange- we expect min 35,000 people this year. Let’s get together to plan a new years eve bash.

Once again, thank you xc

Cheryl Frampton, PR Marketing and Event Manager Downtown Merchants Association Sarasota Florida