For the most romantic and memorable day of your life, we will help you create the most spectacular wedding in Sarasota!

Unique, Multi-Cultural, International and Interdenominational Weddings are our Specialty!

We love to create all the magic  that you could dream of for this special day, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding!   We take care of the details! We understand the complexities of mixed culture weddings, and are specialists to  embrace the traditions of both the bride and groom. Would you like to have:

  • a Hawaiian Wedding?

  • a Russian Wedding?

  • a Jewish Wedding?

  • a Flamenco Wedding?

  • a Middle Eastern Wedding? Let us help you create a night of one thousand and one memories!!!

Some of the services we provide:

  • Romantic Music for the ceremony (such as: violin, classical guitar, ukulele, saxaphone, mandolin, etc)

  • DJ or Band that plays international music

  • Unique Officiants (multi lingual available)

  • Dance Shows (Hawaiian, Fire dancers, Belly dancers for good luck, Ballroom dancers, Flamenco, etc.

  • Traditional Middle Eastern Zaffas (see below for description)

  • Dance Lessons for your wedding guests!

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Live artist to capture the event on canvas

  • Sand Sculptures

  • a beautiful Gondola Ride!

What sets us apart?

  • Knowledge of culture

  • As professional entertainers and event planners, we understand the importance of timing and “show flow" 

  • Our officiants are multi-lingual.

  • We supply and train the bride & groom in the use of a microphones so your important vows can be heard by all.

  • Our videographer  & photographers are trained to capture not just pictures, but the emotions of the event, so you can re-live and share these treasured memories of a lifetime.

  • Our entertainment services are known for quality, authenticity and enthusiasm of each of our staff members.

Middle Eastern Weddings:   Zaffa Reception

We specialize in Middle Eastern weddings, offering:   zaffas,  belly dancers, live arabic music as well as DJs who play both Arab and international music!

In the Arab culture, the zaffa (sometimes spelled Zaffah, or Zeffa) is a ceremonial procession of folkloric musicians and entertainers leading the bride and groom into the reception area of their wedding.

Over a background trac of traditional zaffa songs, our musicians play traditional drums such as bendir or daf (frame drums), tabla (Arabic hand drum), riq (Arabic tamborine) & mizmar (horns) to create a festive atmosphere.

Our Band or DJ will play international or middle eastern music as guests arrive at the reception, then our master of ceremonies will announce the arrival of the wedding party and the Zaffa will begin.

With drums beating to the traditional Zaffa entrance music, dancers bearing Shamadans (candelabras) or trays lit with candles balanced on their heads symbolically & ceremoniously light the way of the bridal party, leading them into the reception area.

Additional dancers enter carrying sequin wrapped canes, playing finger cymbals, carrying candles and several other entertainers and musicians join in the procession.

The bride and groom enter last and come up to the dance floor, where the dancers perform a dance around the bride and groom with sequin wrapped canes .   There are many beautiful poses held during the dance for the photographers to capture the special moments.

Our band "Ya Salaam" plays traditional Middle Eastern as well as international music for haflas, weddings, zaffas & private events. We can provide DJ music during our band breaks to play the music of your favorite recording artists.

After dinner or between courses, your guests will be amazed with our beautiful and very elegant traditional belly dance show artistically performed by our expert dancers.

We also lead debke lines to include the wedding guests and coordinate the bride & groom to be lifted in chairs and everyone to dance around them.