African Shows

Africa is made up of 40 different countries where over 800 different languages are spoken! Some countries have jungles and rainforests where apes and hippos live.  Other countries havevastsavannas, or prairies, where elephants and lions roam free.  Some countries have beautiful beaches, and others have large cities, just like here in America! Every country has its own unique story and dances to share.

African dance and music has been used for centuries for rites of passage, prayer, celebration,  and storytelling.  These stories and dances tell about what life was like in the days of yore.  Stories are told by the “griot” (pronounced GREE-oh) and dances are done to the beat of several drums.   Each movement tells a different part of the story.

In its colorful presentation featuring elaborate costumes and instruments constructedbythemembersthemselves,  Sarasota’s AfricanDancers and Drummers will take you on a storytelling musical tour of Africa with stops in Senegal,  Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Nigeria and Cameroon!

Show includes:

Energetic Dancers,  (which range from young children to the middle-aged, as is the tradition with African dance being so athletic!)

Live Drumming


African stilt walkers

*fire juggling stilt walkers can be included for an additional fee

(aprox. 12-15 people)

Among others, they will perform Lamban,(the Dance of Royalty), as well as the Dance of Happiness & Good Fortune!

Perfect for Grand Openings (for good fortune!),  African or Jungle Theme Parties, Conventions,  and Educational events.