Click below to enjoy some song by my band YaSalaam. We play music from around the world.


Tahja's Gypsy Band features a wide variety of world music from Europe, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, the Americas, and Polynesia.   Our music stirs the soul and inspires the wanderlust in any would-be gypsy.


These talented musicians play numerous instruments and sing in 40 languages.   Perfect to spice up your party entertainment!  

Whether you want

  • the swaying sounds of Hawaiian ukulele music

  • sultry saxaphone

  • exciting Flamenco guitar

  • heart felt Gypsy violin

  • lively German oom pah pah music

  • romantic French accordion

  • exotic Middle Eastern oud, ney and doumbek

  • sexy Latin music

  • the island feel of a steel drum

  • African drums

or any particular ethnic sound, we are a collective of entertainers who are linguists as well as musicians and singers ready to bring an authentic sound to your special event.

click on the photo below to see a slide show