Tahja's Gypsy Band features a wide variety of world music from Europe, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, the Americas, and Polynesia.   Our music stirs the soul and inspires the wanderlust in any would-be gypsy.

We are a unique World Music Show Band. Our talented musicians sing and play music from over 40 diverse cultures and languages, many on traditional instruments. We can be booked as a band, or include a dance show, guaranteed to spice up any event!

Click below to enjoy some songs of our band, and further below are some of our music videos.

Thank you for your support of World Music! 

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Meet the musicians! Click on Slide Show below:

Enjoy some of our music videos below! 

We are the ideal band to play for:

  • Peace Concerts,

  • Festivals,

  • World Music Dances,

  • Private Parties,  

  • Zaffas,

  • Haflas,

  • International Events,

  • Educational Events,

  • and Charity Fundraising Events.

We have a large data base of fans and are seeking venues in South Florida that would like to be on our concert calendar.  

Your establishment can benefit by:

  • being advertised on our concert calendar

  • increased sales of your food and beverages

  • exposure to a new audience

  • supporting culture in your community

    We have over 20 years experience and are based in Sarasota.

If you are interested to be included on our calendar, please call or email for details.  

Besides our World Music Band, we also supply specialty musicians:

We are a collective of entertainers who are linguists as well as musicians and singers, ready to bring an authentic sound to your special event.